5 Weapons to Help You Fight Off Nonbelievers


Believe in yourself first and others will follow, they need time to catch up to you. I truly believe that this is one of the major keys to happiness and success. It is such a simple statement but so many of us fail to follow it. Too many of us go into things looking for approval from others to support our idea, and when they don’t, we quit. There is one big problem with looking to others for approval on your ideas. THEY CAN’T SEE YOUR VISION! There is no way for them to know exactly what is going on in your head. Their disapproval might in fact just be a misinterpretation of your vision.

Do you think anyone that has ever changed the world or achieved something great could have succeeded if they listened to others that put them down? How many great ideas or personal goals have you let get away already because you let someone else’s misinterpretation of your vision discourage you? The good news is that you don’t have to let it happen ever again. From now on, when you get an idea that excites you, don’t share it with anyone until you take action on it! From now on when you get a great idea or want to set a goal for yourself, use these five weapons to help you bring it to fruition and give you the ammunition you need to fight off nonbelievers.

Weapon #1: Research

The first weapon you will need to add to your arsenal is the ability to get cold hard facts from your research. One of the mistakes we often make when we have a great idea is rushing to share the idea with others before we have even done any research. When we don’t research our goals or ideas, we are not as secure in them, and as a result become extremely susceptible to nonbelievers discouraging us. How many times have you had a great idea for yourself, but when you shared it with someone close to you who was less than enthusiastic about it, doubt sunk in and you decided not to pursue it?

Researching your idea takes care of this very problem. Go online and look up more information about your idea, look up to see if anyone else is currently doing what you want to do. You will figure out what it will take to get it started and if it is viable. If you find some flaws in your idea or goal then it is very important to master the second weapon to fight off naysayers.

Weapon #2: Flexibility

As you will learn in the research phase, not every idea is completely viable in it’s rawest form. We need to be able to take our original idea and mold it based on the findings of our research. In order to do this we need to unleash our ability to be flexible and not allow ourselves to get too caught up with the original idea or timeline that we had in mind.

For example let’s say you started running a few weeks ago and set a goal of running a marathon in 2 months. You mind find some research that suggests it makes more sense to start off with a 5k in 2 months, and build up to a marathon 6 months down the road. Instead of being discouraged by seeing that it may not be realistic to run a marathon right away, tweak your goal to run that 5k and tackle the marathon afterwards.

Another example is you have an idea for a business and want to quit your job immediately to focus on it. But when you start to research you see that it could take months or years to become profitable and create a steady stream of income. Since you have bills to pay you might decide you can’t afford to quit right away. Instead of beating yourself up and deciding to give up, why not be flexible and see how people have been able to build businesses in their spare time?

Weapon #3: Strategy

When fighting off nonbelievers there are few tools as important as having a great strategy. Since you have already armed yourself with research and become aware of the need to be flexible in your planning, now it is time for those two skills to come together. An effective strategy will take your original goal and give you actionable steps that you can take to reach it.

Many of us are masters at psyching ourselves out of things. We take a look at a goal, think about how monumental of a task it will be to achieve, and scare ourselves so much that we decide not to even take that first step. A strategy can be a beautiful thing, because it helps prevent you from psyching yourself out since all you really need to focus on is the next step, not every single step along the way.

Weapon #4: Momentum

This is the fun part. It’s time to take action and start turning your plan into a reality! Because you spent the time researching and planning to figure out exactly what it will take to make you successful; all that is left to do is to put in the work and make it happen. There will be struggles and setbacks, but if you truly believe in your goal, you need to do your best to keep moving forward a little bit each day.

Your goal in this phase should be to make forward progress every day in order to keep the momentum going. Before you know it you will be accomplishing so much more than you ever thought possible, and pretty soon, the momentum you build will make you unstoppable.

Weapon #5: Cavalry

If you thought you were excited about your idea when you first came up with it, can you imagine how excited you will be after all of the work you have put into this point? You may even become so excited that you will want to start sharing this idea with others. Well guess what? Now you can! But I have to warn you there is a catch. You are not going to reach out to just anyone about this idea, we are going to find people who are working towards similar goals and get in touch with them.

By communicating with like-minded people you will be able to get relevant feedback on your goal and the progress you’ve made. I have found that communicating with others who have similar goals doesn’t just give me relevant feedback, it provides me with other great ideas and keeps me motivated to continue working towards my goal.

Believe in Yourself First

Remember, the only way for others to see your vision exactly the way you imagined it is to create it. The worst thing that could possibly happen is that you fail, learn from your mistakes, and dust yourself off and try again. Even if you fail at first, the important thing to remember is that if you never quit, failure is only a temporary roadblock on the way to success. By the way, the best-case scenario includes you accomplishing exactly what you set out to and living the life you’ve always dreamed of. So keep dreaming, and the next time you want to share your vision with someone else, use your weapons to attack your idea instead and let nothing get in your way. You are the expert of your own thoughts, believe in yourself first and others will follow.

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