How to Make Every Day Feel Like Vacation


Ah, the things you learn on a great vacation. When you finish talking about how badly you want to go back and showing pictures to family and friends, you can really learn a lot from a vacation. I was talking to family recently about a trip my wife and I took not too long ago. While we were talking I picked up on a pretty interesting pattern and started looking at things from a totally different perspective.

While we were on the trip, the one thing we kept saying was how nice everyone was, and how it wasn’t the same back home. Throughout the vacation I totally accepted this idea, even when some of the people we met were FROM the area where we live. It wasn’t until I got home and I was having this conversation that I realized this premise was probably total b.s.

What You Focus On Is What You Attract

Was it that everyone we encountered on our trip was extremely nice and friendly? Of course not. Was it that no argumentative or rude people exist there? Wrong again. Rude and negative people exist everywhere you go. Or could it be that we were in such a positive and friendly emotional state that all we noticed were the other positive and friendly people around us?

Have you ever test driven a new car and then all of a sudden you started seeing that car everywhere on the road? It’s not because they suddenly started producing more of this car, it was because you EXPECTED to see that car on the road, and you were LOOKING for it. The same goes for positive and friendly people. When you are in the right state of mind and you expect others to be the same way, you will only pay attention to those who fit the criteria.

Bring Vacation Home With You

So how can you bring that positive state from vacation home with you, and be surrounded by positive, friendly and cool people whenever you choose? Well we certainly can’t control the moods of those around us, but what we can control is what we choose to pay attention to, and what we are attracting from those around us.

Ask yourself a few questions about the last time you felt completely happy. How did you envision things going for yourself? What did you say to yourself or others? What were your facial expressions? How was your body language? These are all important questions to answer when trying to remember your state of mind at that time.

The next time that you feel like things aren’t going your way or that everyone around you seems to be extra negative, check to make sure you aren’t bringing any of it onto yourself by thinking negative thoughts and attracting or encouraging negativity.

You may need to fake it until you make it with creating this habit of being positive in your own environment, but before you know it your default setting will be positivity and maybe it can start to feel like you’re on vacation every day.

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